Unit 6: Postwar Uncertainty + WWII, 1920-1945

*Unit SG

Sequence and Activities

1) Intro


-Access student knowledge.

-Set the purposes of the unit.

*What do you know game (powerpoint)?

*Unit SG

*Sequence discussed

*The question of why

2) The World in the 20s and 30s


-Trace the rise of communism in China.

-Describe the civil war between Communists and Nationalists.

-Trace nationalist activity in India and explain how Indian self-rule heightened conflicts between Muslims and Hindus.

-Summarize Gandhi’s nonviolent tactics.

-Describe the rise of independence movements in SW Asia.

-Identify the scientific, artistic, social and technological changes that took place during the 1920s and the impact they had on the world.

-Describe postwar Europe, the Weimar Republic, and the causes and effects of the Great Depression.

*Discussion: China, India and SW Asia between the World Wars

*Postwar Uncertainty: Text reading: 31.1 and 31.1 GR

*A Worldwide Depression: Text reading: 31.2 and 31.2 GR

3) Totalitarianism and Fascism

-Describe totalitarianism, the building of a totalitarian state in Russia, and the economic system under Stalin.

-Trace the rise of fascism in Italy and Germany and describe its impact.

-Compare the attempts by fascist nations to gain power with the efforts of democratic nations to preserve peace.

*Stalinist Russia: Text reading: 30.2 and 30.2 GR

*Fascism in Italy and Germany: Text reading 31.3 and 31.3 GR

-Video: Prelude to War (53 m)

-Video: The Fatal Attraction of Adolf Hitler

-Mein Kampf reading and questions

*Japan, Spain and War: Text reading: 31.4 and 31.4 GR

4) World War II in Europe (1939-1941)


-Summarize the events that led to war.

-Describe the fall of France and the Battle of Britain.

-Explain the conflicts in the Mediterranean and on the Eastern Front.

-Describe US aid to the Allies.

*Text reading: 32.1 and 32.1 GR

*Video: “The Nazi Strike”

5) World War II in Asia


-Explain how Japanese expansionism led to war with the Allies in Asia.

-Describe Japan’s early battle successes.

-Explain how the Allies were able to stop Japanese expansion.

-Summarize Allied battle strategy.

*Text reading 32.2 and 32.2 GR

*Video: “World War II Pacific”

6) The Allied Victory


-Describe the Allied strategy in Europe.

-List efforts made on the home front.

-Summarize events that led to the surrender of Germany and of Japan.

*Major war questions and decisions

*Text Reading: 32.4 and 32.4 GR

*Video clip: D-Day

*Skillbuilder Practice: Following Chronological Order

*The Atomic Bomb Debate

*Why the Allies Won

7) The Costs and Legacy of World War II


-Describe the conditions in Europe in 1945.

-Identify the political consequences of the Allied victory in postwar Europe.

-Summarize how defeat and occupation affected political and civic life in Japan.

-Trace the course of persecution of Jews by the Nazis.

-Describe the results of the “Final Solution”.

*Text reading 32.5 and 32.5 GR

*The Costs of War: human, economic, political and military

*The Holocaust: 32.3 and 32.3 GR

-From Night: Ellie Wiesel

-One Survivor Remembers

-Holocaust Background Powerpoint

8) Test

Additional Information and Links:

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